About Us

National Pharmacy seeks to provide the best possible outcomes for the patients it serves. We follow the same mission every day, “To see our business through the eyes of our customer, to exceed their expectations, and to provide the greatest selection and value in their pharmacy needs.” We feel it is our responsibility to our customers, referral sources, clinicians, insurers, and most importantly, our patients, that positive healthcare outcomes are achieved and a true value has been received. We believe the value National Pharmacy provides is not only defined as a fair and competitive price, and the clinically accepted standards of practice, but also found in the personal things we do such as:

  • We successfully create a smooth transition from one healthcare environment to another for all of our referrals and patients, while making sure  the patient and caregivers are educated & feel at ease. 
  • We listen to our Marketing and Nursing teams in the field, referrals, clinicians, patients and caregivers to gain valuable feedback, good or bad. Recommendations for improvement are made and accepted by staff regularly.
  • Our dedicated Pharmacy team (on call 24/7/365), during the course of therapy, contacts our patients regularly to ensure the patient/caregiver is comfortable and the future provides a brighter outcome.

National Pharmacy's ownership and management are local to the area and are able to make decisions quickly, eager to provide resources, and pilot new cost saving measures with industry partners. We are excited about what the future holds and our continued desire and ability to service the residents of Louisiana and surrounding areas.

Quality Service, Compassionate Care

HQAA Accredited - Fusion Care Pharmacy

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