Home Infusion

What is Home Infusion Therapy?

Our home infusion therapies combine the services of an accredited specialty pharmacy provider with skilled, caring infusion nursing professionals. This experienced team provides your intravenous infusion therapy and specialty injection medications safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home. Home infusion therapy began in the early 1980’s when new medical technologies made it possible for patients to receive their intravenous medications at home, without a costly hospital visit.

Advantages to Home Infusion:

  • Continuity of care from hospital to home
  • Clinical monitoring by experienced professionals
  • Patient and caregiver can resume most daily activities
  • Decreased need for hospitalization and associated costs
  • Clinical education and active participation in the recovery process
Infusion Therapies
 Antibiotics, Anti-Fungal & Anti-viral 

Treatment to eliminate infection


Treatment to increase amount of fluid in the body


Treatment to reduce inflammation or swelling


Treatment to improve the action of the heart

IV catheter care

Supplies, flushing solution and dressings to keep a catheter open and clean

Pain Management 

Treatment for chronic conditions to restore or manage quality of life, Intravenous and Subcutaneous



Tube Feedings

A food pump feeds a person formula through a tube that goes directly to the stomach or goes to the stomach through the nose

Nutritional Supplements



Supplying all of the daily nutritional requirements for both adults and children

Treatment that gives nutrition through a catheter in a vein



Medications for patients of all ages who receive high-cost specialty injectable treatments for various chronic disease states


Patient Education

Educating patients and caregivers in proper care techniques is our primary GOAL. Each patient and caregiver receive personal education and instructions based on their individual needs. This allows the patient to regain independence as quickly and comfortably as possible.


Additional Ways We Can Help

Pre-Discharge Assessment

A registered nurse will meet with you in the hospital prior to going home to ensure that home infusion therapy is an appropriate method of treatment

Insurance Verification

Our intake team will take care of all reimbursement issues, from obtaining up-front authorizations to contacting the patient to discuss coverage and any co-pay issues prior to start of care

Pharmacokinetic Dosing

Our pharmacists aim to reach the dosage of each drug which ensures the best efficacy and the minimum of adverse effects 

Lab Monitoring

Our pharmacists will follow your progress and monitor parameters as indicated by your physician

Regular Monitoring of Patient Progress

Our team will make sure you have everything you need during your therapy

24hr Call Service

Our team is available to assist you day or night

Coordination with Home Health Agencies

Our intake team will coordinate with a local Home Health agency to ensure proper and complete care is given to our patients

Arrange for first dosing

If you have not had this medication before we will make arrangements for you to receive it for the first time in a safe environment 

Other specialty therapies

We will consider providing any prescribed medicine if there is a process for giving it safely at home


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